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LED stripes are highly popular linear light sources used for indoor and outdoor illumination of rooms, spaces, boats...

High power light sources are a replacement for incandescent lights with many advantages.

Power suplies and control systems range from AC/DC, DC/DC and linear power supplies, dimmers and mixers.

Special lights, include FIREFLY anchor light, navigational lights. We specialize in custom light design.

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LED benefits

Efficiency is at least 2x better than with classical filament bulb.

No fragile parts of glass, no toxic gases. That makes it robust, shock resistant, hard to crush and environment friendlier.

Small dimensions and compactness allow construction of different shapes of illuminating devices.

Light source is spread over a surface and not centered into a single point as classic bulbs are.

Instant turn-on without the need for start-up sequence as with halogene lights.

Spectrum of emitted light does not include UV light that could damage illuminated object.

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